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    Resort World Sentosa is an entertainment playground in Singapore which recently opened the world’s largest public aquarium. The sprawling aquatic life compound at S.E.A. Aquarium spans ten different zones with all manner of habitats for large sharks, zebra sharks, manta rays and every major notable maritime eco-region being represented. The crowning jewel of Resort World Sentosa’s aquarium is the largest viewing panel in the world which is*36 meters wide by 8.3 meters tall – that’s 118 feet long by 27 feet high. Can you imagine having to clean the algae on 3,200 square feet of aquarium glass on a regular basis?

    While all these numbers are impressive and hard to grasp, seeing a video of the actual aquarium displays with people juxtaposed in front of them really conveys a sense of grandeur. We had to watch this video a few times just to make sure it was real because the scale of the aquarium exhibits at S.E.A. Aquarium is absolutely unreal – even the large fish have room to swim in schools as they would naturally in the wild and it’s hard to believe an aquarium could do that. So far it looks like S.E.A. is populated with lots of fishy exhibits but their documentation does not list a jumbo living reef like the Steinhart among it’s attractions. Surely they must have some living, growing coral displays but for now the focus of S.E.A. Aquarium is on the charismatic large*marine*megafauna. [Resort World Sentosa]

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