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    Tunze added a slew of new products around Interzoo 2012 and the Tunze Comline Filter 3162 is quite a handy filter with a few functions built right in to not only keep your tank clean but neat looking as well. We appreciate the dual filter intake, housing for a filter, the option to use different media and the compact design tucks nicely into the corner of your aquarium.

    tunze-comline-3162-300x235.jpg The Comline Filter 3162 is rates from 15 to 105 US gallons (60 to 400 liters) depending on how many critters you have in your aquarium with the ability to adjust the flow rate from 70-225 US gallons using anywhere from 2.5 to 4.5W of power. Using the same patented magnetic holder we saw on other Tunze products like the Tunze 9004 nano skimmer or the Comline Wavebox, the Comline Filter 3162 will work on glass up to 12mm thick.

    Added features include the ability to retrofit in a heater and water control. The Comline Filter has the ability to hold up to a 75W heater or link up the Tunze Osmolater 3155 for water level control. The new Comline filter measures in around 4.3 x 3.5 x 10 in. (110 x 90 x 255mm) and will set you back €55.52 (approx. $71 USD).

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