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    It was an awesome day when we began seeing Tuamotu Maxima clams, but we could hardly contain ourselves when we learned from Sea Dwelling Creatures that they would begin receiving fish exported from this far flung region of Polynesia. Being far, far away from most reef aquarium fish collecting locations, the fish fauna of Tuamotu is unlike anywhere else with some representation of familiar fish from Christmas Islands. The*black*tangs in this video by SDC shows a couple Zebrasoma rostratum that were collected in Tuamotu.

    We’ve already done a complete piece on the reef fish of Tuamotu and although at first we’ll be seeing mostly black tangs and funky flame angelfish, we challenge SDC to press the suppliers for some of the unique reef animals that come from there. We already know the wish list of various rare fish enthusiasts; Jason Edward of Greenwich Aquaria wants some Coris hewetti and Coris marquesensis, Matt Wandell wants Pseudojuloides atavai and Pseudanthias regalis, Lemon Tea Yikai wants Chaetodon smithi, and I’m easy, I’ll take either a Paracirrhites xanthus or Paracirrhites nisus.

    Paracirrhites_nisus_1.jpg Paracirrhites nisus phtographed in Kiribati by Mary Jane Adams of FishWise Pro

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