New to reefing 210gal

1 Jul 2015
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Hi to all

I have a reef tank it is 800l in total
It's 1520× 800×600 custom built. Bubble magus over flow box into a sock. With a standard 4foot 200l sump running at half. In the sump I have a bubble magus curve 5 and bouy skimmer 2 pellet reactors one with all in one and the other with normal biopellets. 6000L return pump that also runs the reactors. Inside the tank I have a dsb120kg in for a month now, 60kg live rock. 2 wave makers dymax Rex led+ odyssey t5 light.
1 fox face one spot
1 naso tang
1 hippo tang
1 scopaz tang
1 leopard wrasse
1 bicoloure blenny
1 coral beauty
1 anthia
2 cardinals pajama
3 yellow damsels
2 clowns
2 yellow tail damsels
3 cleaner shrimp
6 hermit crabs
1 trumpet
2 hammer
1 clove polyp
4 mushroom
1 Green polyp leather
Green button polyp
Green open brain
cup coral
3 plate corals
Cabbage coral
Some polyps I don't know.
The tank has been running for just over a year now.
It all started with a nano then four foot now this one and still not big enough. I've been reading a lot on this forum and have found lots of my info from here thumbs up for that

Your tank sounds awesome, please upload some pics for us to see :)
Will do as soon as I collect all the pics from the beginning of the build. Thanks for the warm welcome.
Thanks dark mold!
this is my best friend helping me build our tank. He was the reason we started the tanks. We walked past a freshwater tank setup and it took us an hour to get him away from it. That weekend I bought the nano
Nice looking tank!
The nano is a great tank to keep as can be used as a temporary holding tank/quarantine etc incase a fish or coral does not look well. I have lost count the number of times I relied on my little startup nano to help me in this regards :)
Thanks.That is what I use it for "hospital tank" my son knows it as his☺
He was the reason we started the tanks. We walked past a freshwater tank setup and it took us an hour to get him away from it.
And now he sits in the tank and watches the TV, lol. :p

Welcome to the forum. :)
Thanks a lot we feel part of the family already. Just a quick one, every time I add new all in one biopellets I get a cyano outbreak will this happen every time?
Not at all. I added 500g last week. This was the first outbreak about 6 months ago that I fixed with chemi clean, not a big fan of chemicals.
and this is now
What would be the best amount of biopellets to add at a time? And how long to wait between adding?
Got rid of the alge by leaving the lights on actinic for a few days. After 1.5 years of biopellets I'm going a different route.
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