New to Marines- Please listen!!!!!!!!!!

24 May 2007
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To all the guys/gals out there that just started in Reef Keeping. Please hear me out!!!!!


I am making the text in red so you can remember this, please...

My tank has been used on numerous occasions as a "hosting" tank for coral and anemones in the past- Due to people buying these types for their new tank, only to see it dying after a couple of days and then ask me for help.

Please guys, there is no shortcut on this, Anemones need a well matured tank with good -no, I refrain- PERFECT Light Conditions as well as a good size tank and GOOD Waterflow.

A 75 liter Nano tank will not work for a Long Tenticle anemone the size of a dinner plate, let alone the fact that the tank is only 01 month old, running without a skimmer or sump.

Please, if you want a nennie so badly, make sure your tank is matured enough as well as ample light and space for the nennies. The golden rule of thumb is: A TANK THAT IS ABOUT 09 MONTHS OLD

These guys get very old, and to buy something- or as in a lot of cases, start a tank to keep Nemo and His Anemone- just for the looks of it without doing any research, is not the way to go in saltwater aquariums.
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Well Said !
Sean...wish i could send this to a few LFS's.........unfortunately a LOT of VERY BAD ADVICE is sometimes given!

And agreed to all starting a tank (and believe me...this is not a legend...i learnt my lesson the HARD way)..rather stay away from nennies untill you are comfortable with the hobby as a whole ...and read about a 10000000000000 articles
I agree with you Sean - good one :thumbup:
nice sean, i used the button

Thanks Guys, but this is something that takes me by the throat lately. I got the inevitable phonecall last night again, someone bought a nennie and it is dying, suppose being killed by Ammonia... Very sad, and this is not the first time
well said there sean.

it really is sad that something hundreds of years old is killed due to an animated movie:(

but i must say, its not only newbies who should learn and think twice about a nennie, many experienced reefers need to learn about them too before dropping them into their tanks.

but thats well said sean
i agree, infact one should research anything one adds to the tank, including additives etc.
Nicely done Sean!!!
I think that one HUGE problem (in addition to the animated movie), is the "fresh water" mentality.
Starting a fresh water tank - what do people do?
Buy a tank, live stock and EVERYTHING else on the same day. They go home, fill the tank with fresh tap water, drop in a few drops of "water conditioner", and let their "fishies" drift in the bags, for 10 minutes.
10 minutes past, and there you go - fish tank completely set up...

Now - people try and do this with marine tanks........
well this is one of the goals of the mag, is to reach out and inform for those that find the forums to late, infact a weekly beginners do and dont, and starting marines sections will be regulars!
Crispin, true Bud, one movie made a lot of us reefers.And thanks to theother guys for their input too. What FransSny also said is very true- It basically all boils down to the LFS- Again.... How can they sell something to someone with little or no experience- what happened to the- bring me your waterto test first times....
Jacques, i agree..unfortunately this is also true (the FW side) BUT that should also not be done (I kept bathtubs since primary school.....miss those days i mean)

dallas great idea, why not also put a seperate forum "do's & dont's" here ..we can share mistakes...and all learn
Sean - I have made this thread of your a "Sticky" - so that it stays on-top.

As Dallas has said - with the magazine, we can also be a method of teaching people, and possibly gain access to a LOT more newbies, and possible newbies - than what MASA perhaps can.

Perhaps try and CANCEL what many LFS's say, whom give bad suggestions.
jacques thats true, and the differences is the two forms of fish keeping are astounding, but so often its about people not knowing what to do, opposed to ignoring good advice. Or simply not asking.

i met a younge lad in an LFS with mike and tank girl the other day. i noticed him simply because his mother was asking about torpedo fish (which i know little about but from body shape i would say are top water fish and would need a fair sized tank) and then they were looking for a very large, very beautiful goniaporra, simply because nemo had taken up residence in it. so i figured them as having a large tank.

now LPS as a host for a clown opposed to a nennie is great.

but i then asked if he knew what that corral was? No. how big is your tank? how long have you had it? what lights? flow? guys know all the questions. The one question i wanted to ask but didnt (how many things have you murdered due to ignorance?!) turns out to be a nano with very little in it. (all died???? most likely)

But in the end it came down to him being too shy to ask the shop owner ( a fella i would trust totally with regards to marines) a simple question. People really are ignorant about what they are doing, and scared to ask.
cool, great idea Frans
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