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18 Aug 2015
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Hi everyone , so I have been running freshwater for over 6 years ,
Friend of mine from George is to blame that i will be attempting a marine .
I will get a secondhand tank from Cape town next week , includes lights , filter , powerheads, heater . Would love running a sump but seems their is not enough space below . I learned a lot from the people around here and now i just cannot wait . Planning a DIY HOB refugium (filter) with a wall mounted light .
Hey Marius bly om jou hier te sien as last!
@459b its about 180l . @CheriS I will be there a lot , amazing shop :thumbup:
Thanks @butcherman . En @rhox ,praat van die vriend wat nou veroorsaak dat ek marine wil try . Do hope I can find a lift for the tank and cabinet from Parrow to Oudtshoorn
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I hope that you enjoy your journey into this hobby! :)
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