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    Thrive Aquatics has just released a video walkthrough of the forthcoming Thrive Water Lab water testing kiosk. Due to begin popping up in some of the swankier stores around the country any day now, the Thrive Water Lab had its big public debut at MACNA in Florida a month ago.*But if you couldn’t make it to the big show to see and touch the Thrive Water Lab for yourself, this video shows the user interface that we can expect when the kiosk makes it to an LFS near you.

    Some LFS will gladly test water for free, some will begrudgingly test water for a fee, but we tell you what; once in a while we just want to test a little Silicate, or some copper, or potassium, and we sure as heck don’t want to buy a complete test kit to test one “exotic” parameter. Even as experienced reef aquarists, sometimes we don’t really care to do the actual test ourselves, and we for one are anxious for the Thrive Water Lab to come to our LFS.

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