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    11 Apr 2014
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    Hi to every one at MASA just recently joined, so this is the description of my tank, it is a 4ft 1200x500x500 with a 3ft sump
    1xts2 skimmer
    t5 lighting
    and the usual plumbing, from start up I've had teething problems but anyway have managed to sort them out, the question I've got for all you out there is my tank is now starting to get covered in a red algae and I seem to recall someone saying red algae is a problem. Is this true ? And if it is .What do I do about it?
    Just to list some of the problems I've had so maybe it can direct you all to the correct answer
    1.Placed to many fish in tank at once therefore hit a nitrite spike got white spot, did a hypo salinity treatment
    3.during hypo salinity stored fresh water in plastic containers, plastic leached into water and killed some fish
    4.did major water change still got white spot
    6.busy doing copper treatment and there was no improvement in fish
    7.found metal pull ring from a can in bottom of tank, took it out and major

    improvement in fish health got red algae
    What do I do? .Please help!!!!
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  3. 459b

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    12 Mar 2008
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    Cape Town
    Welcome to MASA!
    How old is your tank? Algae could mean your tank is still cycling, else it's being caused by too many nutrients in the water.
  4. RiaanP

    RiaanP Moderator

    11 Aug 2008
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    what plastic did you use? Tubs should be fine, unless something else was stored in there previously
  5. leslie hempel

    leslie hempel Moderator MASA Contributor

    7 May 2007
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    Gonubie East London
    1) limit feedings to the fish but add a vitiamin to their food to assist with boosting their immune system, cease copper dosing
    2) get hold of a bacteria additive such as cycle or stability and add according to directions for a newly established tank. add live rock and some sand from an established system to seed bacteria within the system.
    3) test and establish what parameters are out of alignment, focussing on ammonia and nitrate specifically, do not do water changes.

    assess your fishes behavior every few hours and try to put a larger skimmer in as soon as budget allows.

    thats the jist of it.
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