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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by herkie, 18 Jul 2011.

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    I was given a tank with the dimensions 730l x 450h x 440w and would like to start it as a reef tank. The heat problems with my other tank that has MH lighting in it was bad last summer and I think I must go for T5's in this tank. I have never had a tank with t5 lighting and don't have a clue how many to use-please give your advice.
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    Hi Herkie. I have got 8 T5's on a width of 450. Suppose it all depends on what you want to keep. I would start of with about 4 - 6 globes also depending on what your budget alows of course. I would put 4 x Aquablue+ and then 2 x Actinic+ (Giesemann) or 3 x Aquablue+ 2 x Actinic+ and 1 x Aqua Pink just my 2c. But hope that helps. But would say with a hight of 450 you should get away with 4 globes

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