RSS New Tangerine Ocellaris clownfish from Proaquatix is hypo-melanistic, almost an albin

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    Albino clownfish may be currently limited to South Africa but in the meantime, Proaquatix’s Tangerine Ocellaris clownfish is getting pretty close. With red eyes, bright orange body and almost completely devoid of black, the tangerine clownfish appears to be hypo-melanistic, meaning it has very little melanin. Proaquatix is showing off the tangerine clownfish in a handful of booths and if they didn’t feed these clownfish food with astaxanthene, they would be almost completly yellow like marcel’s albino clownfish. It may be a while before the hypo-melanistic is released to American reef aquarists but perhaps back-crosses of them would result in true albino clownfish in the US.
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