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18 May 2007
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The Bay of KZN
Hi all, I have been in contact with quite a few members iro swopping my 2mx.610x.610 for a smaller tank and had a few responses. After this nobody really comes to light and I decided to use really small tanks and go the nano way. I will be using a standard 3ft tank for my display and have a 3ft sump on the current tank that I can use on the new display. Alternatively I can use the standard 3ft as display plus an idle standard4ft tank as a sump. I have 2x150w mh lights and 4x 4ft6 actinics in the 2m tank and a ts2 skimmer. I know the 4ft actinics is too long and I will have to get shorter lights. What do you suggest I use? I would obviously like to use as much of the current equipment as possible. I would also like to have enough light to keep fish and coral. Please suggest pump and power head sizes. You feel like a king on a reefkeeping site-everyone is more or less at your command. And not to mention all the friends you have!
thanks herkie:23:
Herkie why not use the 4ft as a display and a 3ft sump then your lights will be fine. Return pump 2000L - 3000l ph and Power heads depend on what type of coral you want to keep.
Even if you want a small display, I would still suggest you keep the largest total water volume possible, so I would vote for the 4' sump. If possible, you could also hook up your 3' sump as a refugium - this tank need not be close to the display either, you could pump/gravity feed to/from it from just about anyware in your house...

Your 2 x 150W MH's should be more than enough on a 3' display - in fact, one should do the trick.

Alan, have started to build an overflow for the 4ft and also fitted a new front panel to make sure no scratches will spoil the new display.
Hennie, will be using the 4ft for display.(1220X440X500) Will 2x150 mh lamps and 4x 4ft t8 actinics(space problem coming up.), 2900l/h return pump and a closed loop connected 1900l/h pump be okfor water flow inside the tank?
I want to thank you guys for the advice given and dont say it's ok. It could lead to a lot of new requests for help from me. The tank i'm running now was started on very bad advice. hence the need to change. By the way-will be running a reeftek ts2 skimmer.Dont worry, if you keep helping me I might be able to set up a bigger display and make something of it before time runs out.
Sounds good Herkie.

I'm sure the TS2 should cope fine on that size, depending on how heavy you stock.

Lighting sounds fine too.

Please post progress pic, we love them and we can advise more when we have something to look at...

Forgot to mention- will gave 2x returns into the display fed via a sqwd and I would like to add one more sqwd to the closed loop system when the bucks has arrived.
Looks good, although I would consider a 4500 to 6500 lph pump on the closed loop.
closed loop

Hi Hill, I saw why you suggest so much biggera pump when I removed lr from my old tank. I could not believe it whenI saw the amount of stuff that has been settling on the rocks. I'm sure water qual will improve dramatically if you can prevent even a small amount of this stuff settling.
Glad I could help. One thing I have learnt with CLS. Always over design. You can always cut back with a ball valve or similar.
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