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    Hi All, Staring a new tank. I had a marine tank in the 1990's but so much has changed that it does not count that much. Actually I have my son Aston to blame for all of this. He did two things, neglected his small marine tank for a while and built himself an awesome monster tank. All while I was too busy at work to notice properly. Anyway he got his wish and got me addicted again.

    Not that I am sorry, feel like I have been cramming for first year Marine Biology for the last six months. What has happened in the last decade in this hobby is amazing. It is all for the better. The best things in my opinion are a better understanding of bacteria with things like bio-pellets and computers with systems like Profilux.

    Anyway started helping get things for Aston and got distracted by all the awesome tanks that are on the forum. Landed up buying myself a tank.

    It all happened while reading the forum and deciding the type of system and environment I wanted. Decided on a cube and after reading "Helga's" "My Dream" write up late one night, actually, very early one morning, I could not stop. (This addiction issue I have is bad!!!). I looked for some other posts by Helga and low and behold she had her system up for sale. I HAD to have it, it was exactly what I was looking for.

    Not only do I like the shape but one of the biggest issues for me was access. A cube has a lot going for it, rimless (less salt creep spots), large surface area (better cooling and oxygen exchange), lots of viewable area, etc. etc.

    All good, so then I had to move it, got quotes from every removals company in JHB. Thank goodness I asked the right question at "Wild on Pets" and was given a flyer from Nemo's Janitor. They did a great job and moved the tank in perfectly. (Highly recommended).

    Everything is going great although I still have a lot to learn. Any boffins with Profilux? I connected the ATO to the wrong plug bar just before I went to China (I am writing this from my room in Hangzhou, sitting up in the hardest bed I have ever had. Feels like a piece of plank with a thin blanket over it).

    Anyway filled the tank with Lime from the kalkstirrer. Wife tells me it is looking much better, (this means you can almost see through the water). Tank has about 50Kg of LR in the sump and about R2,5k of salt (Aquavitro Salinity) and the cost of making the RO water so I need to find a way of solving this problem.

    I also need to get the correct location of the plugs in the plug bar. I redid all the wiring myself because Matthew was to busy and this was a good thing because now I know where it all goes and what it does.

    I am aiming for a mixed reef tank, SPS and softies with lots of color and perhaps a group of 4 yellow tangs.

    Anyway enough rambling just want to thank all the people who have posted so much information on MASA, it has been great, it makes starting up a lot easier.

    Marks Cube Slideshow by markc27 | Photobucket

    Hope that works, almost like Profilux to us mature chaps. :)
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    Nice post and welcome to MASA! I'm sure the friendly knowledgeable people on here will guide you along.
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    middle of nowhere

    will be nice to get some pictures of your system
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    south of joburg
    Awesome bud looking forward to this thread :mbounce:

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