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    Hi all Pet Stop customers

    In this news letter
    1. Marine stock
    2. Apprentice manager started
    3. New competition start next week

    1. AS YOU HAVE COME TO EXPECT BY NOW  We landed marine yesterday and today. This is the list of stock we expect today (and bellow that the stock we received yesterday)

    Tang -Acanthurus tennenti (M/L) - Tenneti surgeon
    Clown - Amphiprion sebae - Clown fish - Large
    Clown - Amphiprion sebae - Clown fish - Med
    Angel - Apolemichthys xanthurus - Cream angel - Large
    Angel - Apolemichthys xanthurus - Cream angel - Med
    Angel - Centropyge eibli - Eibli angel
    Blenny - Escenius midas - Yellow blenny
    Invert - Fromia elegans (INV) - Red star fish (INV)
    Anemone - Gyrostoma quadricolor (INV) - Bulb anemone (INV)
    Trigger - Melycthys indicus - Blackfin trigger - Med
    Trigger - Melycthys niger - Black trigger - Med
    Tang - Naso hexacanthus - Blue tail Naso - Small
    Tang - Naso hexacanthus - Blue tail Naso - ML
    Tang - Naso Lopezi - Lope'z unicornfish - Small
    Goby - Stonogobiops xanthorhinica - Candy goby
    Butterfly - Zanclus cornutus - Moorish idol - SM


    Blue atlantic Tang :eek:
    Yellow tang
    Queen ANGEL :yeahdude:
    Royal gramma
    Pepperment shrimp
    Red hermit
    Blue hermit
    Coloured cond. Anemone

    2. Gerrit started at Pet Stop SA on the 1st and he will be trained to ultimately become the general manager at Pet Stop SA.
    Welcome to the family Gerrit and you will find Pet Stop SA customers are friendly and enthusiastic hobbyists and pet keepers that only expect the best.

    3. We are starting a new customer incentive program on Monday 6 May 2013. More details on Mondays email with the stock lists.

    Always hooked on Pets greetings

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    Hey @Moolis how's the yellow tang looking? What size is it? I was wondering ( I know you prefer cash and no dibs system, which I think is better) , can I pay for it, but then you keep it for a month for me,,, your coral Beauty is still settling in, so I don't wanna stress it out by adding another fish so soon!

    Must say, the coral beauty is a magnificent specimen, the most beautiful colours! And it's eating like a beast! :thumbup:
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