NEW Solar Fish and Pet Feeders available from our online shop

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    NEW Solar Fish and Pet Feeders available from our online shop

    - 12 kg / 20 Kg capacity
    - solar operated
    - buzzer to alert fish/animals while feeding
    - settable waterproof controller
    - remote control that can be used up to 180 yards away
    - motor overload and reverse polarity protection
    - and can be set to feed any amount of food
    - can feed up to 6 times per day

    - Zero running cost and maintenance free
    - High power Solar panel used so that no direct sunlight needed and can be used in moderately shaded areas
    - comes with big capacity battery so even if there's a few days of Total darkness feeders will work perfectly with no problems
    - feed when you want with the remote control
    - will not break due to being made from high impact durable ABS sheeting and reinforced with attractive aluminium extrusion.
    - all feeders are hygienically cleaned inside and out with alcohol to avoid health problems
    - easily moved around and transported


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