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    Skimz PUR ReefSalt is a new salt mixture designed for the Singapore-based company. According to information we’ve seen online, the salt is specifically formulated for the reef environment and manufactured in Germany using high-quality ingredients. The brief description we saw states it contains “elevated levels of calcium, magnesium, strontium and other essential elements for coral growth and skeletal structure development.”

    As with other salts we’ve seen in the market, this is most likely manufactured to specifications provided by Skimz by a third party. The online reaction is pretty good so far as reefers are lauding the salt for being quick dissolving and being high on the parameters most hobbyists with stony and mixed corals would appreciate. Although we didn’t see the parameters on the official site, one hobbyist on a Singapore message board noted salinity at 1.024,*Kh at 9.6, calcium at 380 and magnesium at 1280 using Salifert Test kits.*Available in 10kg and 20kg buckets the salt is retailing for around $55USD ($70 SGD) for the 20kg bucket.
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