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    Sicce has launched the Sicce Whale canister filter with four sizes to handle the filtration needs of a variety of tank sizes. Although these aren’t commonplace in reef systems, the Sicce pumps and filtration volume available makes this an interesting filter to throw on a saltwater tank, quarantine tank, or to use from time-to-time to polish the water in your reef system.

    For anyone that’s had issues with priming a canister or losing a seal (and making a huge mess), the newer canister filters make implementing them a snap. The new Sicce Whale features quick disconnects and a self-priming pump to make it easy to set up. The system can also handle biological, mechanical and chemical media.

    The four sizes range in size from Sicce Whale 120 rated for 10-30 gallon systems retailing around $110, all the way up to the Whale 500 for tanks ranging from 80-135 gallons and retailing around $210. Check out the chart below for all the details and the video for a quick overview of the Sicce Whale


    Sicce Whale Canister Filter - YouTube
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