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    Hi All

    We've just received the following really nice fish and inverts:

    Red Hermit Crabs - R55.00ea, Red Brittle Stars - R112.00ea, Flame Scallops - R79.00ea, Red Base Anemone - R398.00

    Royal Dottybacks @ R129.00ea. Black Bar Chromis, Talbot's Damoiselle, Metallic Blue/Yellow Belly Damsels, Blue Line Yellow Belly Damsels @ R59.00ea. Blue Streak Devil Damsels @ R70.00ea. Golden Rainbowfish @ R159.00ea. Steinitz Goby @ R95.00ea. Forktail & Smith's Blennies @ R98.00ea. Jewel Antenna Basslets @ R69.00ea. Copperband Butterfly @ R209.00ea. Social Fairy Wrasse @ R215.00ea. Exquisite Wrasse @ R169.00ea. Pearl-scaled & Royal Blue Pygmy Angels @ R129.00ea. Scopas Tang @ R129.00ea. Salarias Blenny @ R98.00ea. Bi-colour Blenny @ R149.00ea. Orange Line striped Goby @ R129.00ea. Dispar Anthias @ R119.00ea. bi-colour Coral Goby @ R69.00ea. Psychedelic Fish @ R179.00ea. Fire Fish @ R229.00ea.

    Plus more well acclimatised stock on offer & the last few 25kg buckets of Aquamedic Reef Salt for the special price of R850.00ea or Two for R1600.00. Come and grab some specials whilst stocks last..



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