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    12 Mar 2012
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    Parow, Cape Town
    Hi Guys,

    I am from CT, so this will be for all the CT sponsors on the site.

    I got some good news today. I will be moving into a new house at the end of May this year. Even better news is there is a flat at the back of the house, which the wife agreed can be my " Aquarium ".... woohoooo

    So, I need some pricing on the following equipment:

    Please advise / quote on specs you want, as I am at your mercy.

    Currently I have a Boyu TL 550, which i will keep running as well.

    2 Metre Tank with Stand
    Sump build for this setup
    Lighting for coral reef setup
    Skimmer for the sump
    Return pump
    Powerheads / Wavemakers
    Recommended amount of Live Rock for this setup
    Anything else you think I might need.

    Thanks in advance.

    Pierre Malan

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