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8 May 2007
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The new Royal Nature Ion Balanced Pro salt is a new advanced formula salt from the Israeli company blending natural sea salts enriched with micro and macro elements to deliver a salt that can be mixed and ready for use in as little as 30 minutes.

The company notes the new Ion Balanced Pro salt has a balanced of ions to create a homogeneous blend to allow it to mix quickly and without any sedimentation or cloudiness.

Just like its other salts, Royal Nature prides itself on using natural salt mined from the Red Sea and enhances it with elements to get it as close to natural sea water (NSW) as possible. Like its other salts, Ion Balanced Pro is free from ammonia, phosphates and nitrates.

So how much salt can you mix up with one bucket? Like other salts, it depends on the salinity but looking at the mixing instructions if you mix up a batch to 35.5 PPT it will take 1 kg of salt and 26 liters of water. Your typical 50 pound bucket (23kg) will give you around 155 gallons of saltwater.

Royal Nature recommends a weekly partial water change of 10-12% and that if you are transitioning from a synthetic blend to start with incremental water changes starting 3-4%, then 5-6%, and then 8-10%.

The pricing will most likely fall in line with other premium salts and global distribution should be starting soon.

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