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    The Dreambox biopellet reactors are Royal Exclusiv lasted solution to spinning biopellets. Following basic design clues from their Dreambox media reactors, the new Royal Exlusiv biopellet reactors are build with the same high quality red and white PVC and acrylic and feature the same twist of lid, which should make it easy to clean the reactor and change out media. Both the input and output are likewise both located on the bottom of the reactor.

    The flow design of the new Royal Exclusiv biopellet filters, is where things are different from the media reactors. Rather than using a conventional flat diffusor, these reactors use a cone to facilitate optimal water flow. Water is pumped into the reactor into a bottom into a 90 degree elbow, which creates the spinning motion. Water then travels up through a row of slits around the closed cone, creating some serious pellet movement. Water after traveling through the reactor is simply drained through a hole in the bottom.
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