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8 May 2007
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The Red Sea MAX E Series is not the only new all in one reef tank that will be released by Red Sea this year. The Red Sea MAX S Series is the largest reef tank kit that Red Sea in the MAX family of aquariums, and after several years on the market Red Sea is ready to bring some fresh refinements to the line.

The Red Sea MAX S tanks are expected to receive a whole suite of upgrades this year, beginning with all LED lighting in the hood of this aquarium. Like the MAX E, the MAX S will be equipped with Hydra 26 HyperDrive LED fixtures which will replace the large and bulky banks of T5 fluorescent tubes which originally lighted this tank line.

The MAX S canopy of fluorescent T5 lighting will soon be replaced with all LEDs from a slightly customized Hydra 26 HD

However the Hydras will not be suspended with the swanky mounting arms seen in the MAX E tanks, but instead will be fitted into a redesigned hood which is similar but much smaller than its fluorescent predecessor. The Red Sea MAX S is also rumored to be equipped with a custom selection of LED choices and colors, but we are unsure how much the spectrum will deviate from the stock mix of LEDs currently found in the Hydra 26 HD fixtures.

Other details on what new features may accompany the new and improved MAX S Series tanks are scant, but we do know that the line will keep its trim around the aquarium glass, so no rimless look here. With the proliferation of controllable DC pumps which are both powerful and efficient, we suspect that Red Sea may have jumped on the controllable DC pump bandwagon.

With controllable DC pumps becoming so mature and affordable, we expect that the new Red Sea MAX S tanks will feature this technology in some form

The use of controllable DC pumps for the filtration for the aquarium would be a worthwhile upgrade for Red Sea’s flagship MAX S series. We might even see controllable DC pumps employed in a new protein skimmer and perhaps even for the circulation of water within the tank. However we simply don’t know for sure how Red Sea will update the MAX S tanks, but with InterZoo 2016 coming up in a few months, we probably won’t have to wait too long to find out.

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