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    The*Pseudocoris genus contains some of the most beautiful wrasses but this little known group goes all but eclipsed by the Paracheilinus flasher and Cirrhilabrus fairy wrasses. However, with aquarists increasingly broadening their scope of rare and unusual reef wrasses, the*Pseudocoris are increasingly coming into focus.

    One perfect example is this almost completely unknown species which was recently collected in the Marshall Islands. While deep diving for true Bodianus opercularis hogfish and Dr. Seuss Fish collectors happened to harvest a live specimen of a Pseudocoris known only from a single specimen collected back in 1997 during the*Palau Twilight Zone Expedition.

    It’s really interesting to see this*deep-dwelling Marshall Island*Pseudocoris exhibiting basically the same red and white stripe pattern found in so many Labrids like the various peppermint hogfish, the candy cane Terelabrus hogfish*and of course the peppermint angelfish. While this particular red & white*Pseudocoris*is beautiful at this size it must represent a juvenile of female phase of coloration; it is likely to look entirely different when it matures as male Pseudocoris typically undergo dramatic color change in adulthood.

    Since this species is currently unknown there’s no telling what this fish will look like as an adult, but we hope it adds to its already striking appearance. The Marshall Island*Pseudocoris was first imported by Russo’s Reef, then provided the fish to House of Fins which has already sold it for the respectable sum of $2400.


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