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    Vertex has some candy for you. Guaranteed low-cal!

    Vertex Vectra - Skimmer-Neck Cleaning System

    Finally, an affordable solution to keeping your skimmer neck clean. Instead of dismounting your skimmer collection cup every few days, to wipe the slime from the inside of the neck, the Vertex Vectra will swipe through this efficiency reducing coating as often as you wish. Regulated by an aquarium computer or simply placed on a timer, the Vectra will help maintain fullest efficiency from your skimmer, while sparing you the grimy hands.

    The Vectra is a two-part product consiting of the Vectra Engine, which is a standard motor used for all skimmer-size variations, plus the Skimmer-Lid, which is ordered seperately and available in various sizes to fit Vertex Alpha Cone Skimmers, as well as other models (Bubble King, etc). We offer 150mm, 160mm, 180mm, 200mm, 250mm, and 300mm diameters, which correspond to the diameter of the acrylic skimmer cup. The size 180 fits the Alpha Cone 170, as example, which has a 180mm cup diameter. The squeegee is adjustable to various neck diameters. Once again, Vertex sets a new standard!


    Vertex Polypropylene or Nylon Filter Socks
    Smartly packed in a standing carry bag, perfect for check-out display sales, the Vertex Polypropelene and Nylon-Filter socks come is various sizes and filter grades from 100-300 micron. The best quality in pre-filtering.
    Available in: Polypropylene: 11cm ring/30cm long, 200µ; 18cm ring/30cm long, 200µ; 20cm x 40cm, drawstring, 100µ; 20cm x 40cm, 200µ; Nylon: 11cm ring/36cm long, 300µ; 18cm/36cm, 300µ.

    Vertex Magnetic Probe Holder
    Very smart-looking and watersafe. An acrylic holder for up to 3 probes, with titanium screws to fasten the probes in their slots. Nice strong magnets! Slots: 12mm.


    Vertex Acrylic Cleaner Magnet
    A small cleaner magnet designed for nano or similar sized tanks, made of clear acrylic and stainless steel. Velcro-type cleaning surface. Two sizes: the Simplex is only 1cm x 1cm, while the Duplex is 2cm x 4cm. Same clean and smart aesthetic as the Probe Holder. Nice packaging makes it especially attractive at the check-out.


    Vertex Titanium Grounding Poles
    Like the name says, these will ground the aquarium from stray voltage. An often overlooked safety feature. Availble with plugs for the UK, Australia and Europe. A highly recommended safety accessory. Simply mount with the included suction cup in sump or/and aquarium (or where ever the electrical items are working in water).
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    excelent sound prodcts well done guys
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    Just had a look at the Neck cleaner, very neat

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