New products landed (two little fishies)

25 Oct 2010
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Afternoon all :thumbup:

We have landed some great new Two Little Fishes stock; Julian Sprung has done a stellar job at developing these new products and with his reputation in the world wide reefing community we can rest assured they will only be of the finest quality and efficacy!


Two Little Fishes NPX Bioplastics™ - Nitrate and Phosphate Reducing Biodegradeable Polymer Pellets

NPX Bioplastics® granular plastic media made from biodegradable polymers. For use in a fluidized reactor or in a media bag within any filter. The slow release of organic food from these plastics promotes the development of bacteria that assimilate nitrate and phosphate. These bacteria can be harvested by protein skimmers, so that the nitrate and phosphate levels are naturally reduced. The bacteria are also a food source for filter-feeding invertebrates such as corals, clams, sponges, and feather dusters.
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Pls PM me pricing.
Two Little Fishies KW Reactor 300 (Kalkwasser Reactor)

The KW Reactor™ 300 creates saturated kalkwasser solution every time the feed pump is switched on to replenish evaporated water. Gentle mixing is achieved with a rotating sprinklerhead that is “powered” by the pressurized water feed
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The pH of seawater in the open ocean is stable, normally between 8.0 and 8.3due to the carbonate-bicarbonate buffering system. In tide pools and aquariums the pH can vary more widely due to the influence of respiration and photosynthesis in the restricted bodies of water. In an aquarium with no illumination it is normal for the pH to drop temporarily due to respiration of CO2 in the absence of photsynthesis. When the lights come on photosynthesis makes the pH rise again. Long-term changes in water quality due to biological activity typically cause a decline in alkalinity and lower pH values. If the alkalinity is low, the pH may not reach the range of 8.1 - 8.4 during the day. Use ph-Balance Marine Aquarium Buffer to raise the alkalinity and Ph to the desired levels and stabilize the water quality in marine and reef aquariums.
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Phosban reactor conversion kit for NPX bio pellets

PhosBan Reactor NPX Screen - (pack with 2 screens)

The NPX Screen prevents NPX Biopellets or other biodegradable pelletized media from passing through the dispersion plates in the PhosBan Reator 150 or PhosBan Reactor 550.
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