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8 May 2007
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Euroquatics announced today that it would be selling their new A1 and A1P LEDs at new pricing which makes them much more competitive in the reef aquarium market. Previously, the Angel A1 retailed for $549 while the more powerful A1P had a list price of $649.

The initial pricing of both Angel LED fixtures seemed really positioned to undercut comparable lighting options from industry leaders Ecotech Marine and AquaIllumination. But the new price drop slashes $150 from both fixtures making them really stand apart in terms of features set for this price point.

The new pricing for the Angel A1 will be set at $399 for the 95 watt light which is suitable for shallow reefs and frag tanks. Meanwhile the new pricing of the Angel A1P LED is now $499 for the 150 watt LED light which includes discrete control of red and green LEDs, in addition to the other 5 channels of color control included in both models.

Furthermore, Euroquatics is extending a rebate offer to all existing, qualified customers. Those customers can contact the retail supplier of their Angel LED system for rebates. If your purchase was made in the past six months, you will either receive in-store credit or a direct refund depending on the distributor or store.

Both of the Euroquatics LED lights are still fresh on the market so it may seem like too soon for users to see such a price drop. The reason for the new pricing is that the hobby is changing rapidly, and Euroquatics’ parent company Gavita has committed to making the Angel LED a successful platform for aquarium lighting by increasing the volume of production for the lights, and garnering bigger discounts on the parts needed to create this light.

At the moment it may seem like Euroquatics’s Angel LED fixtures are me-too lights with few features to differentiate them but creating a whole new LED lighting brand takes time, and patience in the market. In addition to this new price drop, additional value from the Angel LEDs is the the ability to connect directly to the fixture.

The Angel LED is currently the strongest aquarium lights available which do not require a separate networking hub to connect via a smartphone, but LED technology and design is changing fast, and who knows what we’ll be treated to next week at MACNA. [Euroquatics]
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