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    Pacific Sun has another new fixture with the*Pacific Sun Pandora Hyperion S T5+LED hybrid designed for the shallow tank. A much smaller form than the Pacific Sun Ariel*we covered this week, the new*Pacific Sun Pandora Hyperion S is designed sans white LEDs covering the spectrum needs for coral growth and pigmentation.

    Like the other Pacific Sun fixtures, the Pandora Hyperion S has a built-in wireless computer to allow you to control the LEDs for a full array of features — dawn=to-dusk, clouds, storms, etc. This shallow water fixture uses two 24 in. T5 bulbs with independent control (not dimmable) with one 145W LED panel tucked in the middle of the lamp that does include dual core*400 and 420nm UV LEDs.*Measuring in 600 x 320 x 50mm, the Pacific Sun Pandora Hyperion S is rated to cover aquariums up to 40 x 32 x 32 in.

    The new Hyperion S is getting initial pricing at*€699.99 and is available today.

    pandora_s_11-150x150.jpg pandora_s_2-150x150.jpg pandora_s_3-150x150.jpg spectrum_ph_s-150x150.jpg
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