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    The new ORA ORAnge Setosa is a stunning coral with a unique and elegant look that will add a nice pop of color in your reef aquarium. There is no shortage of stunning blue, purple or green corals so it is nice to see a coral that adds a bit more color in your system.

    As ORA describes it, the ORAnge Setosa is “an awesome Montipora species with a rather unique growth form among SPS corals” and we couldn’t agree more. Although this coral is known for its intense orange coloration, it can also appear more pink under intense lights.

    The growth differs a bit more from other montipora species. ORA has observed the coral to form an undulating encrusted base and branches that eventually fuse together before branching again. Some unusual shaped colonies have been noted and it seems like each mature colony looks different from the next. When compared to other montipora species the ORA ORAnge Setosa has fewer polyps but this provides a delicate and smooth coral to balance out your reef.

    Don’t expect this coral to grow like a weed. The ORAnge Setosa is a slow grower but it is hardy and tolerant of a wide range of lighting and flow conditions.

    Placement: Bottom – Middle
    Lighting: Medium – High
    Flow: Low – Moderate
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