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    8-gallon-aquarium-front-cad-lights.jpg Cad lights has released their new Mini aquarium series. These aquariums are pico sized and will come in 4, 8, and 20 gallon sizes. Each Mini series is fitted with 2 panel or 3 panel LED fixtures. These are full length strips from 24″, 36″ and 48″ sizes and consume very little energy at 45W, 75W and 90W. Each one of the LED bulbs is fitted with its own individual reflector and lens for maximum light spread and penetration. Each unit is fitted with a multi-functional dimming control “able to control everything from Pure white (10K) up to full Blue (460NM) and everything in the middle. It even has a remote control so that you have full control of all the settings at the touch of your fingers. now hobbyists can control the light settings without scaring the fish or moving things around the tank for access.” If you are guessing these are acrylic tanks, they aren’t. In fact these tanks are all glass, CAD lights uses slow 90 degree bends on the corners so that your able to enjoy the benefits of glass.* Each of these aquariums will have their own matching Euro styled cabinet. The 8 gallon aquarium starts at $124.99 and will begin shipping in mid February.
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