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    Using high output LEDs with only their primary optic is a great way to avoid weird color mixing and getting a good spread but unfortunately this also allows a lot of light loss and spillage. You could add secondary optics but individual reflectors is definitely the way to go. So it is with great delight to learn that JBJ’s promising and stylish unibody LED light will now come with just that. A late design addition will now include a milled sheet with individual reflectors for each individual LEDs, we’d estimate the angel to be about 60 degrees.

    The new reflector boosted PAR by close to 20% at 15 inches underwater from 110 to 130 umols and it significantly reduces light hitting the glass and the rods and cones in your eye balls. Furthermore the new milled aluminum reflector fits inside the splashguard adding no thickness to the thinnest actively cooled aquarium LED light and* by hiding all the wires and the LED’s PCB is also makes for a much more finished looking product.
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