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18 Jun 2015
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Hi all. I am new to the hobby. I have a 120lt tank. Had my tank cylcling and and added live stock. Tank is running six weeks now. Thanks to Rick from Secondwave for all the help.

Beautiful tank!

Hello and welcome Brentprinsloo

Is that a suncoral right in the middle?
Yes those are bothe anemones, the green one quite likes the rock hasn't moved at all, the other one in the middle of the big rock already divide into two the day after I put it in. This one made that hole in the rock home immediately but unfortunately the other ended up in the tunze and I only saw it the next morning, but since neither has moved.
Hi Dude and welcome, a six week old tank is to immature to house nennies and that sun coral needs target feeding to thrive which might put stress on a yooung system like yours maybe im wrong just my 2c.Hope im not sounding nit to harsh but i have also learnt the hard way.

All of the best.
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very impressive. love your tank, hopefully in a year or so my tank will look like that. keep up the good work
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