New Member: What are the basic additives and Sup to have ??

Discussion in 'Water Parameters and Additives' started by Tidy, 7 Aug 2010.

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    24 May 2010
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    Hi guys

    i would like to know what are the basic Additives and Chemicals i would need to keep and test for?

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    7 Feb 2009
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    Joe's Mountain
    Hi Tidy, Welcome to MASA. As a general rule never add anything to your tank that you cannot test for. Most good quality salt mixes have all the elements necessary. So when starting off do not worry about Chemical and additives until you start to to add live stock.

    Test kits are another story. They will give you an indication of your water quality and help in deciding upon actions. Buy good quality test kits. I use the Tropic Marin range but salifreit and Elos are also good.

    If you go the Tropic Marin range i would recommend the expert test set. You will be able to test PH, KH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate. I would also recomend the Phosphate test kit. At a later stage you can consider a Calcium and Magnesium test kit.

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