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21 Aug 2015
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Hi Everyone

Brand new to marine and nano reefs, been diving for a couple of years and I'm ready to bring a reef into my home :m01:

I will begin a new thread in the Nano section once I begin with the build. For now I would like to introduce myself and the setup I have purchased.

I managed to source a Nano Nuvo 16 tank which I will be picking up tomorrow. The tank is a 60l and comes with all the internal filters etc as well as 2 LED's. The plan is to create a nano reef with some clown fish, cleaner shrimp and hopefully one fine day a mandarin (wishful thinking). The seller has been kind enough to include the below items in the sale.

20Kgs Seachem Reef Salt
30Kgs Live Rock
6.8Kgs Argonite Live sand
Seachem Stability Control

Being a noob I would really appreciate any advise on the equipment I have purchased and starting points to get the tank operational.

Once again really glad I found this forum and looking forward to interacting with everyone throughout the build thanks again.
Hello and welcome cm101
Was the tank still running or was it shut down? The live rock, still under water or left to dry?
I know it's been said before but I might as well say it again. Read read read and read some more. Then ask Lots of questions :) lots of info on this sight! Take things slow and research something before you want to try it or add it to your tank. Look forward to your build thread.
Riaan the tank wasn't running for a couple of months, the rock was dried up too..

CharlieB I learned the hard way :( used tap water instead of RO water last night. Added a thread on the water section and got feedback almost instantly! Needless to say the tank is up and running again with RO water and the correct salt mixture.
Don't worry I've used tap water as quick fill for a new tank often :( then RO from then onwards. Just ordered myself a new tank and needless to say I WON'T be using tap water as quick full and will be patient and do it properly from the start haha. Glad you got it up and running again and with the correct salinity. Did you buy a refractometer?
Some pics of the setup, will move the rocks around once all settles..



Tank looks awsum! Love the neat looking LED's. So exciting filling a new tank. Doesn't matter if you didn't get a refractometer now but do try get one as soon as possible. I battled with a hydrometer as well for a month till I gave up eventually.
Riaan the tank wasn't running for a couple of months, the rock was dried up too..

You will run into a cycle period. Just take it slow and allow nature to complete the cleanup of the dead critters in the rock. When your salinity issues are sorted, you can take a small piece of rock from the bottom of the bin at the LFS and use that to repopulate your rock.
Awesome tank you have :)
You should check those readings weekly, so you can take it to get tested.
All the best!
Thank you :) love the look of the Nuvo products...

I have created a small excel worksheet with info I gathered from the net planning to use this to document water perimeters and general info. Still need to get my hands on proper test kits etc

Water Parameters Nano Nuvo 16
Date Time Salinity Temp Calcium Magnesium Phosphate Ammonia Silica Iodine Nitrate
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