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8 May 2007
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The Melting Pot Chalice coral took the reef world by storm when it first surfaced, and it’s been a while since we’ve seen a reasonable contender for that Melting Pot title. Thankfully, World Wide Corals had an incredible and large colony of Melting Pot Chalice coral on display at their MACNA booth.

It seems like Chalice corals have reached a zenith in terms of how crazy colorful they can be, but a beautiful colony of Echinophyllia will always dazzle viewers with its beautiful colors. There were so many corals, so many tanks and so many different exhibits at MACNA that it was hard for any single thing to stand out in such a busy crowd.

World Wide Corals’ New Melting Pot Chalice coral was the exceptional specimen which made us stop and take notice of it. This multicolored specimen of Echinophyllia has a base color of orange and green swirls that is occasionally adorned with lighter and darker green areas of color, and one spot that straddled between pink and ochre colored.

With so many of the large and showy chalice corals getting earmarked for the bandsaw, it was quite refreshing for World Wide Corals to bring out a whole colony so that reef aquarists can be reminded of what it is they are trying to grow out. The coral-reefing hobby is currently dominated by frags, frags & more frags but hopefully in a few years many of those frags will turn into large and showy coral colonies again.


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