New Marines received - great stuff!!!

Discussion in 'Aquatic Vision' started by Rayhaan, 13 Jul 2016.

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    Hello Everyone

    We've received an exciting shipment of Fish and some inverts as follows:

    Bluefin Angel R229.00
    Redfin Butterfly R189.00
    Cream Angel R249.00
    Yellowfin Angel R229.00
    Meyer's Butterfly R269.00
    Moorish Idol R315.00
    Lionfish R369.00
    Lipstick Tang R525.00
    Pictus Butterfly R149.00
    Vagabond Butterfly R149.00
    Cleaner Shrimp R315.00
    Brown Bird Wrasse R225.00
    Oriental Sweetlips R195.00
    Convict Surgeon R195.00
    Lyretail Wrasse R149.00
    Tiger Goby R315.00
    Diamond Goby R195.00
    Threadfin Butterfly R189.00
    Black Surgeon R195.00
    Rectangle / Triangle Trigger R229.00
    Matara Wrasse R169.00
    Polhena Wrasse R169.00
    Redtail Blenny R165.00
    Cleaner Wrasse R95.00
    Tiger Shrimp R195.00
    Flasher Wrasse R269.00
    Pink Spotted Shrimp Goby R289.00
    Spotted Hawk Fish R139.00
    Striped Cardinal R69.00
    Pearl Toby R149.00
    Long Tentacle Anemone R395.00
    Yellow Angel (Heraldi) R265.00
    Yellow Longnose Butterfly R369.00
    Volitans Lionfish (L) R800.00
    Juwel Antenna Basslet R159.00
    Salarias Goby R129.00
    Coral Beauty Angel R265.00

    We hope to see you in-store!!!



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