New Marines have arrived

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    Hi Everyone

    We've received the following livestock:
    Lionfish - Radiata @ R295.00
    Half Black Angelfish @ R249.00
    Coral Beauty Angels @ R269.00ea
    Black or Keyhole Angels @ R269.00ea
    Sailfin Tangs @ R395.00ea
    Fox Face @ R395.00.00ea
    Tailspot Wrasses @ R235.00
    Salarias Gobies @ R149.00ea
    Starry Eye Blennies @ R456.00ea
    Tomato Clowns @ R198.00ea
    Sebae Clowns @ R198.00ea
    Sargassum Trigger @ R395.00ea
    Spotted Grunt @ R275.00ea
    Schooling Bannerfish @ R315.00
    Bursa Triggers @ R275.00ea
    Strawberry Grammas @ R259.00ea
    Green Chromis @ R69.00ea
    Yellow Angels @ R269.00ea
    Moorish Idols @ R315.00ea

    We are selling this good looking stock at the best possible prices. So, don't miss out - pay us a visit and grab some whilst stocks last!!



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