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8 May 2007
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The Magniflow canister filters are Marineland’s newest upgrade to the venerable brand of canister filters. Like the recent Eheim Professional 4 canisters, the new Magniflow canister filters don’t stray too far from the previous design, with a focus on improving performance and especially in streamlining the user experience.

Many Chinese aquarium companies have aped the design of Marineland’s C-series, sometimes they look so similar that it’s hard to know which brand you are looking at. But be assured that the build quality and attention to detail in the Magniflow series canister filters will carry on the legacy that stretches all the way back to the original Magnum canister filters.

The design of the Magniflow canister filters is streamlined from the C-series canister it is replacing with red accents for the most important moving parts built into the canister filters’ lid. The Magniflow still uses Marineland’s decent stackable filter trays, with a bigger red priming button and reinforced on/off valves for the quick-disconnect hoses.

Marineland has announced the Magniflow canister filters in three sizes which will directly correlate with and replace the C-series with the Magniflow 160, Magniflow 220 and Magniflow 360 with presumably identical flow rates and pricing topping out at $199. A Magniflow 530 has not yet been announced to replace the largest C-530 canister filter but it’s possible that this model will come in the future. [Marineland]
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