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4 May 2007
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Durban, ZA
Ok guy's now that we have had some time to play around with things a bit we have re-designed the board with the look that we originally intended. Well almost, few more tweaks ;)

So what's the verdict, do we like ?
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very nice admin!!!
Very Very Very Nice Guys
Love it!!

This site certainly kicks some aesthetical butt!
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Looks good. Nice work guys.
Looks very nice and must say it’s user friendly. Big plus!!!!!
Yeah i also like it, the art work is really nice guys. Really like the blue star on the left!
I agree... looks very good. I haven't been on much lately and was pleasantly suprised when i logged on.
Well done guys. The site seems to be loading quicker now aswell.
All these new toys and gadgets... gonna have to sit and figure out what everything does!
Zoints, Arcade, Tags, paging... Eish, too much to play with, too little time!
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