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    New Life Spectrum Ultra Red is a new line of prepared fish food designed to really amp up the red colors of our aquarium fish. If you thought that most modern high-quality aquarium fish foods already have their fair share of color enhancers, New Life Spectrum — which is raising the bar for the high-quality pelleted food market — has a new formulation so effective it even comes with a warning “Note: Feeding to yellow fish may cause a shift to orange coloration.”

    We asked New Life Spectrum about the effects of feeding Ultra Red to fish with other warm toned colors like orange and yellow but we were assured that the new food really only targeted the red colors like those in flame angelfish and many species of wrasses and clownfish.

    In one anecdote we were told of their testing of Ultra Red with a common yellow tang and while the yellow coloration was practically unaffected, the Zebrasoma flavescens did develop a very thin red edging to the soft parts of the dorsal fins but this phenomenon disappeared when feeding of Ultra Red was suspended.

    Ultra Red by New Life Spectrum is available in a small 0.5 mm pellet size and a medium 2mm size to feed aquarium fish in a wide range of sizes. The red enhancement is courtesy of some of the fresh ingredients used in the food including South Antarctic krill, herring, and other natural color-enhancing ingredients. You can get a hold of these foods from your favorite retailer or etailer for around $12 for a 150g container.

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