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    New Life Spectrum Max is a new pelleted food for feeding finicky fish which are notroiously difficult to acclimate to aquarium foods. Formerly named New Life Spectrumax, the simple ‘Max’ name is much easier to pronounce and now features a more prominent label about its intended purpose.

    Using the basic formula as the tried-and-true New Life Spectrum pellets, NLS MAX is even more nutrient dense with a higher concentration of protein. The idea behind higher nutrient density in New Life Spectrum MAX being that finnicky fish tend to eat less so every pellet needs to count for more of their nutrition.

    New Life Spectrum MAX is additionally enhanced with a greater content of mollusk ingredients and more fatty oils to give the pellet formula a stronger scent and therefore appeal more to new aquarium fish hesitant about eating aquarium foods. New Life Spectrum MAX is already shipping to aquarium retail outlets and alongside NutriGel and NutriCell gives us some interesting new foods to try on aquarium animals.

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    So many different Brands out there..:(..would someone with "know how" please do an Article on the "Best Top 10" Brands..:blush:

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