RSS New LED fixtures from Reef Filtration pack quite a bit of light for under $350

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    The new LED fixtures from Reef Filtration offer individual LED circuits and a as they claim 7200 lumens all for just $325 bucks. The new LED fixture uses Epistar LED’s with 90 degrees optics, enough current to drive the at two watts,*quiet*fans and a mixture of different color*spectrums. The Reef Filtration fixture has its LED wired with individual circuits so if one LED would go out the*others will keep working.

    The new Reef Filtration fixture makes use of a bunch of different colored LEDs including royal blue, blue, 10k and 6500k. Overall the fixture is offered in 14K (24 blue and 23 white) and 20k (33 blue and 22 white). The fixture uses about 120w and measures 16×8.5in. The Reef Filtration LED fixture is up for pre-order now and should release mid march. A 300w fixture is in the works and should release in the next two months. No pricing on the 300w fixture yet but expect it to be around $550. Keep reading for more pictures.

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