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    Kessil, a company that focuses primarily on LED lighting in the*horticulture industry, just joined the LED aquarium lighting side with their Kessil A150w fixture. The new LED fixture of Kessil, unlike the name suggests, only uses 36 watts and utilizes a single 30W, Kessil brand LED (DEX 2100). Since the fixture uses their own branded LED we are not sure about lumen or PAR output (we suspect equivalent to a 150w metal halide), but we will try report more on that later. The new Kessil LED fixture appears to be very compact at only 4.49 in. x 2.48 in., and relies on passive cooling with an internal heat sink. The fixture comes in 10,000K, 15,000K, and 20,000K and should retail around $260. Keep reading for the full press release along with some pictures and a video.

    Kessil Lighting Debuts A150W LED Aquarium Light in Three Spectrums

    Richmond, CA—Continually finding new ways to apply Dense Matrix LED™ technology, Kessil is proud to present the new A150W LED aquarium light. With its innovative designand high quality, radiant light, it uses an advanced LED platform to offer light for aquariums,expanding Kessil’s market reach to beyond the horticulture industry.

    Using the same reliable, high power core technology of other Kessil products, A150W emulatesa point source that is intensely bright and able to reach to the bottom of the tank. It also providesthe highly sought after shimmer effects of a metal halide without the excess power consumptionand heat.

    The three specially created spectrums of A150W bring out the beauty of blue water and vividcolors of coral. The SKY BLUE model spectrum emits light similar to a 10000 K light, allowingwater to sparkle while providing coral with optimized wavelengths. The OCEAN BLUE model’sunique mix of wavelengths closely resembles a 15000 K light, producing a natural looking lightfor a brighter tank. Finally, the DEEP OCEAN BLUE model’s special blend of wavelengthssimulates a 20000 K light for a deep blue color.

    The OCEAN BLUE is available now in online and retail stores. The SKY BLUE and DEEPOCEAN BLUE models will be available in May. For more information on A150W, please visit:

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    DSC08684_a150w_ocean_blue.jpg DSC08688_a150w_ocean_blue.jpg
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