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Discussion in 'Anything DIY Related' started by Criggy, 4 Jul 2014.

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    14 Jan 2014
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    Hi Guys -

    I have been doing a lot of research on DIY LED builds.
    I do do illuminated signage installations and have tons of LEDs in my storeroom.
    Thing is that these all come in strings with adhesive backings.
    I was wondering if it is possible to just stick these strips to the lid of my canopy in the correct ratio and power them up to a standard LED transformer?

    Why bother with heat syncs, all the solder, lenses etc?
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  3. zayd


    19 Mar 2010
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    No expert, but I don't think the string LED's provide the proper spectrum to the required depth.
  4. jimilutz


    17 Jan 2013
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    I used these LEDs to illuminate a FW tank and they were OK. I think the real problem with them is the amount of light and not the spectrum. The ones I used were about 4w per metre which is Bout the same as a single Cree/Bridgelux LED. So if you want to pump out enough light to grow coral, you will end up with a bunch of strip lights.
    My supplementary LED unit (I also have T5s) uses 150w and is about 1m long. It is 5cm wide. For the same output using strips it would be about 30 cm wide. The is of course assuming all LEDs have the same efficiency in converting watts to lumens. For a unit six times the size, it should dissipate the heat without needing a heatsink as the heatsink merely increases the surface area the LEDs are mounted to.

    I also found the stickiness of the strips wore off and I had to reattach them with marine silicone. The strips I had were the type with a clear covering which discoloured over time which would also decrease the efficiency.
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    Strip LED's are not ideal for marine's due to them not having a high enough kelvin rating (which should be 10000k up to 20000k) and secondly their wattage rating is too low. Also the salt water in marine tanks is very corrosive so these strips don't last long. The use of heat sinks on LED's is to keep them cool, a cooler LED last longer than a hot LED. Last if you are looking to go LED look at Reef Aquatics they have a good LED light set which is priced the same if not cheaper than doing DIY. Ask @Andre@ReefAquatics.

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