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    Guys please get used to this now so we do not embarras ourselves during the 2010 world cup. Gauteng is making itself respectable and i'ts our duty to help as far as we can. Therefore, job titles will be "upgraded" (as was approved in parliament) and we have to familiarise ourselves with these titles just in case some foreigner is listening when we are talking...

    Murderer: Population Stabilizer
    Orphan: Independant Youngster
    Beggar: Financial Gatherer
    Cleaner: Hygiene Specialist
    Rapist: Senior Practitioner in Sexual Practices
    Gardener: Landscape Executive and Animal Nutritionist
    House Maid: Family Environs Upkeep Manager
    Receptionist: Front Office Manager/Office Acces Control Specialist
    Messenger: Business Communications Conveyer
    Window Cleaner: Transparent Wall Technician
    Temporary Teacher: Associate Overseer
    Garbage Collector: Public Sanitation Technician
    Watchman/security: Theft Prevention and Surveillance Officer or Wealth Distribution Prevention Officer
    Prostitute: Practical Sexual Relations Officer
    Thief: Wealth Distribution Officer
    Driver: Automobile Propulsion Specialist
    Maid: Domestic Operations Specialist
    Employee without Portfolio: Administration Manager
    Cook: Food Preperation Officer
    Do Not Forget:
    Unemployed: Township Manager
    Gossiper: Research Manager

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