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4 May 2007
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Hi everyone, in case you haven't noticed yet, we have recently installed our new ID Section on the forum, I have been slowly migrating the fish profiles from our old system into this new one. All credit to @Mc for doing such a great job on our old system. Have a look at the new section here - Media | Marine Aquariums South Africa

It is open to everyone to add media to it. So if you have any good individual ID worthy photo's of fish, corals, snails, worms, algae, or anything else, feel free to upload a photo and add a little bit of info to the pic, you can add basic requirements for the fish/coral/thing or even better, your own experiences in keeping it in your system. It will be a great help to us and everyone else if we can build a massive online database, that can be used for info when in a shop looking to buy livestock.

Feel free to add your name or copyright to any pics that you upload. You can put this in the info section or on the actual pic itself.

As recognition for adding to our database, once you have uploaded 3 items, you will automatically receive a MASA Contributor badge that will be permanently displayed below your username. All contributors will be entered into a prizedraw to receive a gift voucher from a sponsor of their choice; more details to follow but I think the draw will probably happen once every 3 months. Details still need to be worked out on that.

screenshot 2016-03-20 13-30-02.jpg

That is the badge you will receive.

Those that already have the badge are members that have written articles/reviews for the forum in our Showcase section: Showcase | Marine Aquariums South Africa
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Thanks for your contributions so far EFJ :thumbup:
maybe load a template that can assist with details etc., like the one that Seank used on his Basselet feedback for example.
Yeah I was thinking of something like that. I can't create a proper template but I think I can create a few fields that users can fill in when uploading a pic. I'll have a fiddle with it tomorrow.

What sort of fields would be ideal? A general one for fish and one for corals for now.

Take this one for fish for example, do we need all of these fields?

Family: Grammatidae
Local Name: Brazilian basslet
Max Size: 7cm
Care Level: 1
Min Tank Volume: 80L
Temperature: 23-29°C
Salinity: 1.020-1.026sg
pH: 8-8.4
Hardness: 8-12dKH
Origin: Brazil.
Habitat: Found hiding within their crevice or cave until it is time to feed.
Diet: Meaty foods such as frozen shrimp, flakes and pellets.
Behaviour: Can be aggresive and very territorial.
Suitability: Reef safe. Provide plenty of hiding places.
Community: It should be housed with moderately aggressive fish that are larger than itself. It will eat ornamental shrimp.

I think we can remove things like Family, ph, Hardness?
@viper357 I think all the fields are necessary as you get a better detail at what you see and what you've got. Thus knowing if your system is ready for that type of fish,coral etc. I would keep this one as a template for all, it is not necessary to fill in everything. A person can always add on if they feel they want to. Also :thumbup1: for bringing this in for everyone to add their bit to the ID section. It makes us feel even more a part of the MASA structure.
Thank you.

I've figured it out, will be adding the templates shortly.
Ok, templates are added, should be a lot easier now.
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