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    Glare on glass is never fun and if Nippon Electric Glass has anything to do with things, light glare off of glass will be just about non-existent with the company’s new “invisible glass.” According to reports across the web that started with a post at Tech-On, the company has created film that adheres to each side of the substrate that allows for more light to pass through the glass eliminating much of the glare. Normal glass has the tendency to reflect about eight percent of light but the type Nippon Electric has developed reflects just about 0.5 percent, dramatically reducing the luminous reflectance to around 0.1 percent or lower and increasing transmitted light to 99%.

    If the film could withstand the daily environment of an aquarium, this could really make super clear glass a reality with no glare. But other applications could be incredible as well with nearly see-through splash guards or lenses allowing much more light to pass through, squeezing every bit of efficiency from the light itself. This could also make some pretty cool “viewing boxes” that let you get a good top-down look without glare back from the lights. We are thinking this could take on some great applications in the hobby, what are some you think would be a great fit for invisible glass?

    [via Engadget]
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