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    The new Giesemann Futura-S is getting a performance upgrade thanks to incorporating CREE X-series LEDs into the fixture. The updated light was*designed with a modular approach each using 20 5W CREE X-series on each board without the need for secondary lenses. The Futura can be controlled via Bluetooth from your home computer, smartphone or tablet.

    Each board uses 120 degree primary optics to give you solid spread without losing out on distribution eliminating focused beams of LED light. Every*LED module contains eight cool white, four royal (410-430nm), four blue (430-480nm), one blue (465nm), one red, one green and one TRU-UV royal violet LEDs giving you the equivalent of*88W and 5100 lumen output while only consuming 66W.*

    Available in a standard width of 290 mm (11.5 in.), you can get a Futura-S fixture from one module (450 mm or 18 in.) up to six modules long (1550 mm or 61 in.) to fit the length of your tank. Another nice touch is the ability to get these in a matte silver finish or a glossy white to fit your own aesthetic.


    As with the previous versions, the*Futura features Point-Point programing that allows each channel on each board to be independently programmed for complete control of the entire lighting program. Check out the video below for an overview of lights in action.

    Giesemann FUTURA - the highlights - YouTube
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