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8 May 2007
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The Fusion Lagoons is a new line of all in one aquariums from the prolific glass box builders at Innovative Marine. The Fusion Lagoons join the Nuvo Shallow Reef, Fusion Nano, Fusion Nuvo line of all in one aquariums that are specially tuned for saltwater aquarium use.

The shallow water dimensions of the Fusion Lagoons aquariums is conducive to creative, open top aquascapes

The two new sizes of Fusion lagoons share similar dimensions with the Nuvo Shallow Reef Aquarium with the ‘Lagoons’ filling in a gap that fits somewhere between the 60 gallon Nuvo Shallow Reef and the 20 gallon Fusion Nano Aquarium. What makes the Fusion Lagoons stand out is their emphasis on front to back width of the tank to offer users a broad surface area for maximum coral placement opportunities throughout the tank.

The Fusion Lagoons include this larger 50 gallon size from Innovative Marine

The Fusion Lagoons 25 gallon is approximately 12 x 20 x 24 inches, making it wider but shorter than the 20 gallon Fusion Nano Aquarium. Meanwhile the Fusion lagoons 50 is 30 inches long, with a 24 by 16 inch footprint making it essentially a shorter version of the Nuvo Shallow Reef 60 gallon.

Innovative Marine is really pitching the Fusion Lagoons as exceptional choices for aquascaping creative and interesting aquarium layouts with the plug and play being shallow in depth, but ‘deep’ in its front to back width. The hidden back filter compartment includes new molded prefilter micron socks, designated sections for heaters, skimmers and reactors and includes a 211 GPH pump in the Lagoon 25, and a 476 GPH pump for the Lagoon 50.

The Fusion Lagoons 25 gallon from Innovative Marine

All of this filtration is completely concealed in the back of the tank so there’s no obstructions to take away from whatever creation you choose to construct in the spacious footprint of the main aquarium. Of course at this size the Fusion Lagoons are no longer ‘desktop’ class aquariums and they therefore pair up nicely with three choices of high gloss stand colors including black, grey and a very classy white.

Innovative Marine’s new Fusion Lagoons aquariums will be available beginning August 28th. The Fusion Lagoon 25 gallon will cost $249 with the stand retailing for $300 and the Fusion Lagoon 50 will cost $600 and the stand will be $500. At just two feet long, the affordable Fusion Lagoon 25 gallon is really a great first tank for beginners, and an even finer second tank for coral collectors to put all of their frags in, either in line with an existing aquarium or as a stand-alone, coral quarantining and holding aquarium. Meanwhile the larger Fusion Lagoon 50 is better suited to full-on mini reef displays and should really fill a niche for saltwater aquarists looking for that perfect aquascaping dimension.

The new Kessil AP700 LED fixture is perfectly suited to light up the Fusion Lagoons

What started as a vision to bring affordable, high quality glass aquarium with high clarity glass and practical AIO features has culminated into a whole family of the best and most widely available reef tanks. What also makes the Fusion Lagoons and all the other tanks in the catalog so compelling is the broad ecosystem of accessories for these tanks which allows users to fine tune their performance and functions for a huge variety of different reef tank goals. Innovative Marine’s Fusion Lagoons will make their first public appearance at MACNA in Washington D.C. next weekend where we look forward to seeing how these tanks look in person.

The glossy white stand is our favorite color choice for the Fusion Lagoons Aquariums

There is a choice of stand colors for Innovative Marine’s Fusion Lagoon aquarium series

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