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12 Mar 2015
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Kempton Park
I had a 60l experimental tank with some sand and rubble rock running for 2 months now with a normal t5 4 bulb light and a normal internal sponge filter and heater to see if it will run like that with some small frags and it had no problems.

Now I have two bullied fish and a bullied shrimp and some frags hanging around in my main tank. So I had a slightly bigger tank built with normal HOB filter with carbon and floss that has a surface skimmer. heater and I fixed my 60W LED and I moved everything from the experiment tank to new one and voila.





All the bullied occupants are very happy now
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For what is the little basket on the right?
For what is the little basket on the right?
It was my diy refugium in the TL550 that I hanged inside on the sump wall. Was thinking of using it as a diy overflow with a pump inside and then pumping to a diy over head sump. Not sure if that will be necessary as the 10% weekly water changes seem to be doing fine. Found some egg crate for sale at wild on and will be making a frag rack soon. But this was mostly setup for the bullied fish and they seem happy.
Its been a while but with surprise I can honestly say that I am very surprised and happy with the result that started with an empty tank with old sand in that used to be a freshwater tank. All I did one day was poured old water from a water change in the empty tank because I was lazy and in a few days I saw pods in the water so I switched on the sponge filter and the heater and added some more water and some frags and after a month there was more life with no light and no fancy equipment or filters and skimmers or even a sump. So my experiment grew into this 5 months later.... well I had to get a light eventualy.:m12:




This is what happens when you feed them by hand... you have to ask them to leave to take some pictures ;)







Currently I have multiple zoa's and some paly's, xenia two pin frags and some mushrooms. Fish is two ocellaris clowns a bicolour blenny and a damsel that I have never seen before. 2 blue legged hermit crabs one red legged hermit(they like to dig), a pyramid snail, emerald crab and skunk cleaner shrimp.
The 70 litre tank has only a HOB filter with surface strainer and I modified the filter cartridge so I can change the sponge and I add some carbon and phosguard monthly. There is no sump and no skimmer!!!

I do a 5 litre water change weekly and change the sponge every second week. The filter is a Atman HF-0600 I bought it for the surface strainer works very well. I do a manual top up every 2nd day with RO. It uses about 3 to 4 litres a week.
This small system surpassed my expectations completely and is so much fun to look after especially for a noob like me. It can be done... :thumbup:

Will try to add a refugium later. Got a nice idea from one of our members..
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Nice little setup ... Have you added your refugium yet ?
Consider your experiment a success!

It looks awesome.
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