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    The second episode of National Geographic’s “Fish Tank Kings” airs this Saturday and this episode promises to be better than the debut. For this week’s show, the team goes deepwater fish collecting in Curacao and a giant shark tank installation for a pet store grand opening. We had the chance to preview the show and have to say, this is a fascinating episode especially the submarine specimen collection for the Florida Aquarium.

    The team at Living Color get’s to go where few have traveled before using a submarine to dive 1,000 feet below the surface for a chance to capture some of the Caribbean’s most fascinating creatures for a deepwater exhibit at Tampa’s Florida Aquarium. Teaming up with Dutch Scrier, founder of the Curacao Sea Aquarium, the team heads to the deep waters off of Curacao on the hunt for rare specimens. Did they return with a deep sea scorpion fish or a beautiful Liopropoma aberrans? We’re not going to spoil the surprise so tune in Saturday.

    While huge shark tanks can always be impressive, the team at Living Color has only a three-week window to get this key feature designed, manufactured and installed by the store’s opening. Watch the team go in overdrive to hit the near impossible deadline.

    We agree that this episode is more engaging than the first and for the fish geeks out there, the episode is definitely worth watching just for a chance to get a look at some rare specimens. Hat tip also goes to Living Colors resident Fish Geek, Francis, for keeping it real besides sharing details about this episode. Make sure to tune in to Nat Geo WILD on Saturday, May 19 at 10PM ET/PT or at least set the DVR to record it for you.
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