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Discussion in 'Aquatic Vision' started by Rayhaan, 23 Sep 2014.

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    Hi Everyone

    Just to let you all know that we've received a new shipment. I'm really glad to say that this one looks fantastic!!!!
    Also, that Aquatic Vision has a new owner. I've taken over the store and look forward to really shaking things up! The staff and I promise the same low prices with far superior service whilst we strive to provide the healthiest Livestock possible.

    So, lets see what I have for you:

    Tangs/Surgeons - Sailfins (Lrg) @ R249.00ea, Lipsticks @ R179.00ea.
    Angels - Heraldi (Yellow) @ R229.00ea, Coral Beauty @ R229.00ea, Bicolour @ R279.00ea.
    Clowns - Ocellaris @ R105.00ea, Skunk @ R98.00ea.
    Damsels - Green Chromis @ R49.00ea, Blue Yellow Tailed @ R59.00 & Blue @ R59.00ea
    Tricolour Anthias @ R110.00ea
    Strawberry Gramma @ R169.00ea
    Golden Wrass @ R129.00ea
    Red Hawk Fish @ R129.00ea
    Diamond/Pyramid Butterfly @ R229.00ea
    Salarias Gobies @ R129.00ea
    Green Mandarins @ R229.00ea

    There is also a variety of LPS, Soft Corals & other inverts to check out. We are open tomorrow (24 September) until 3pm so come on in and grab some great stock at really reasonable prices.

    see you all soon.



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